Mr President, seriously?

I understand politics well enough to see from a mile away the motives for moves like this one, and it makes me want to wretch every time. My beef with the president on his “move” is that it perpetuates a mindset:

  1. That people can be isolated from their choices…even when they don’t understand the choices
  2. Personal responsibility doesn’t exist, the government will protect me and fix it for me
  3. Financial common sense is a virtue that is to be punished instead of rewarded

I don’t want to over-simplify the problem with Student Loans but why can’t people just speak the truth on these subjects instead of pacifying, pandering, and coddling?

I have room to speak authoritatively about this subject because in 2010 I finished my MBA and paid for it myself out of my own pocket. It’s no hidden secret that College is expensive and just this morning I saw the average cost increased by 8.3% last year alone! The problem will have to be attacked on both ends of the curve: the cost of education side AND the student education side!

Here is some basic Student Finance 101:

  1. Target a career post education and understand it’s basic structure of pay and benefits
  2. Estimate the costs of education to qualify you for the career you’d like
  3. Pick a college that fits your estimated costs
What I see far too often now days is this:
  1. I have no idea what I want to do as a career or what it takes to make a living
  2. Since I have no idea, that degree in Basket Weaving looks fun, let’s do that!
  3. I want to tell my friends I went to “CoolSchool U” now and later in life, I don’t care what it costs
And then you wonder why kids drop out of school as the reality of college cost sets in with no career in mind? Or they get out and then can’t find a job? We’re not giving our kids the skills to make intelligent choices based on FORESIGHT, UNDERSTANDING, and WISDOM! Mr President, please speak the truth about this problem and just maybe you can be taken seriously as the leader of the free world. Until then, you make us look like a Banana Republic that tries to change the rules of reality in an attempt to stay in power.

About Steve Ledford
Christian, husband, father, businessman, engineer, and all around regular guy. I have travelled some uncommon paths in life. Over the course of time I have found that truth is always simple, without exception. My life's purpose is to find it, live it, and speak it.

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